woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Tangled Horns

Hi folks, some less good news is that a couple days ago Kadavar cancelled.. sad but it is what it is.. we have found 2 new bands to replace them, so no wories there, some good old Rock and Roll from own soil! First we we have Junkie on a new band from Leroy (The Haertaches) then it's time for The Black High.. and as last for the Friday night Eat Dust party we got Tangled Horns!!!


Pack your bikini's..there is a pool facility next door..and you can take a shower there! they do ask a little entrance.. Just saying.. Can't wait for all of you to get there.. weather looks fantastic.. the Chopper Gods are with us!

maandag 19 augustus 2013

Full program

Here below you can see the full program.
It's seems that we will have very good weather, so what can go wrong?
See you when you get there!

donderdag 15 augustus 2013

Topplock - Sword of War

They will play on Saturday night and I am realy looking forward to it!! Check them out here on this you tube link.

22 FCB flash to choose from

If you was already doubting which one to choose from the previous 5 flash.. than it even get's better.. Joe Dynamite went totally nuts and made 22 FCB flash to choose from..
He will be tattooing from Friday afternoon till.. and Saturday afternoon till.. So be sure to get your name on the list at the tattoo booth!

woensdag 14 augustus 2013

FCB Reaper T-shirt

Working on the FCB Reaper T-shirt designed by the almighty Joe Dynamite - Glory Bound Tattoo - Antwerp. Thank you buddy I love it!

zondag 11 augustus 2013

Leather cases done

Chico has finished all the leather cases for the axe trophies, they look fantastic if you ask me.

They are all hand stitched and tooled, vegetable tanned leather, they all turned out very nice and different from eachother.
Imagine a pinstriped and lettered axe in El Cheapo style with one of these sheats.. Winner!

It aint to late to finish your bike and don't worry if your ride isn't a trophy winner.. just come on over and have some fun!!

Hand made sign

My ironbrother from another mother Hank made this incredible rad sign.. a lot of effort is being made to make FCB happen.. and couldn't do it without the help of good friends.. Love!!!


vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

KADAVAR - Doomsday Machine

In two weeks from now, when you wake up on Saturday morning and you were not at Flanders Chopper Bash .. you will have missed these guys - KADAVAR!!!

Old circus tent

Finally found the perfect tent, this old small circus tent will just do the trick, so if the weather should turn out bad, you fuckers know you will stay dry under this canopy. So there is no excuse to not come over ;)

donderdag 1 augustus 2013

FCB Flash by Joe Dynamite

Yes folks, Joe Dynamite from Glory Bound Tattoo in Antwerp is working on a number FCB flash as we speak..
Think many of us are in to some proper ink.. well look at this flash right here!
I nicked this picture of his instagram (follow him @ joedynamite1980)
I am so stoked he's on to it..and he sure does get what we're after.. isn't? I want them all!!

Joe Dynamite will be tattooing at FCB13 in one of our available space that will highlighted for you.