woensdag 26 maart 2014

This Sunday

Throw some parts together in a box
and get your ass over to this weekend's Vintage Swap Meet in Ghent.

Will have Presale Weekend Tickets for FCB available at my stand, free breakfast offered with that!

O yeah and the sun will be out..

maandag 24 maart 2014

Dice Issue 55 : The 'Eat Dust' issue

The 'Eat Dust' Issue is nearly upon us and what better way to celebrate the release of this glorious magazine than having a right good old knees up in Antwerp, Belgium!
Well...it's on the outskirts of Antwerp...but it's close enough!
De Schuur
Kantonbaan 2
2520 Ranst

There will be lots of space for Motorcycle Parking and Camping...there will be Belgian fries and Belgian Beer...there will be 3 DJ's throughout the evening and LOTS of break dancing!
Friday 18th April, Starts at 8pm on the Friday and ends when the last person falls on Saturday...


zondag 23 maart 2014

dinsdag 18 maart 2014

Greasy Kulture Magazine

We're very proud to be sponsored by one of the best magazines on this globe,
what more can we say about GKM. If it's not on your shelf yet,
you're probably not into all of this then?

The articles in GKM are very detailed, every bike that is featured gets a few pages,
the way we like it, so you can see and learn of what and how it's done,
plus the pictures are absolutely superb.

And not to forget is by now the famous Dr. Sprocket's column,
that intrigues as always with some of those fine
let's say, fire place stories.

The master mind behind GKM is Guy Bolton a mighty fine dude and brother in crime,
traveling around in his custom Dodge panel van or on his Panhead.
Here you see the man at work.

Well he is coming over to FCB and is setting up a GKM booth this time.
So lads treat yourself with some of those missing issues or fine goodies,
or just buy the whole collection if you would still not have GKM?

Now he's one of the best DJs around too
and the good thing is, he will play a few sets at FCB this year.
So pack those dancing shoes in to your tool roll
and be ready for some serious shaking going on.

Again many thanks for the support brother.
Much appreciated!

 Click this logo to see more of GKM on the website


maandag 17 maart 2014

zondag 16 maart 2014

zaterdag 15 maart 2014


All set.
Are you ?!

Presale Tickets

Howdy folks,
just to let you know that Presale Weekend Tickets are available
and we're offering Free Breakfast with that!

Weekend tickets are 25 euro in Presale or 30 euro at the door. 
Day tickets are 12 euro in Presale or 15 euro at the door. 
We offer free camping and shower facilities and Free Breakfast 
this only for PRESALE Weekend Tickets 'limited space'
You can order your Weekend tickets by doing a 
Paypal of 25 euro to chopperbash@gmail.com
mention your name(s) and we will get back to you
with your e-ticket(s)


Go to Paypal now by clicking the logo

vrijdag 14 maart 2014

DJ Miss Twist

We have dj Miss Twist booked for the Bash.
With her Sixties Soul & Rock n Roll,
she's bound to make you shake rattle and roll.

To find out more on her, just click the logo below 
to go to her FB page


 Or check the website or you tube out.

donderdag 13 maart 2014

Trophy Queen & Top Notch Leather Works

Honnered to have Trophy Queen & Top Notch Leather Works as a sponsor.

think if it comes to making handbags Jenny from Trophy Queen doesn't need an introduction,
she's one of the first on earth to do automotive styled custom made handbags,
think if your girl doesn't have a Trophy Queen handbag yet, 
you don't diserve her!

There's a big collection for sale on the website, but she does made to order bags too,
so whenever you have some good ideas.. get in contact with Jenny to order what you've always wanted.

Click the logo to see more of Tropy Queen on the website.


She does Top Notch Leather Works too 
and the quality of the stuff is just amazing, with that super neat finish we can only say check it out it's Top Notch.

Looking for that Bates style wallet

Or dig Mexican blanket style.. you now know where to look for.

See more of Top Notch Leather Works by clicking the logo.


They got a booth at FCB and will have some of the above gems up for grabs.
Our good friend David from Fücker Choppers (Jenny's man) comes along and will bring some of those fine Fücker goodies too.

Many thanks for the support, much appreciated!!
Can't wait to see you guys.

For sale


BMW R100RS '81
36707km / 1000cc
Strong runner

More info at zero73@skynet.be

Frisco Trump

woensdag 12 maart 2014

DTMC package

Jonathan from Death Traps contacted us that they were going to send some stuff over
for the auction and/or raffle.

Death Traps MC are from Sonora CA, USA
 their mindset is:
Trying to revive a lost lifestyle that has been buried under lame fat tire bikes 
and between the pages of ridiculous “builder” magazines. 
Thirteen guys who are only doing what has been done forever, but until recently 
 has been replaced by theme bikes and fucking circus shows.

Some of you overhere might know Jonathan as he was here in the summer of 2012
for something like 3 months crossing Europe like a mad man,
doing I think about every cool show here in Europe and did put some serious miles on his own machine that he shipped over for that trip, how cool is that.

Picture at Wheels & Waves in Biaritz, France.

Well we have just received a package in the mailbox with support stuff from them which you can be the lucky one of getting your hands on one of these sweet T-shirts or patches.

You'll see 3 guys this summer of DTMC crossing Europe again
and they will join us at FCB.
Really looking forward to hang again,
always a good laugh and hope to do some traveling together.
Thanks again for the support
and see you soon.

click this logo to check the Death Traps MC blog.

vrijdag 7 maart 2014

Some '13 impressions

At the gate

Chico's Leather work

On the field

Winners line up

Topplock in action

Super skull Jessica

Peggy in action

Going wild

Burn out

The sign says it al:
 Two Wheels Forever - Fuck The World